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“We are operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             -Mike Henry

In today’s highly-digitalized world, people are more inclined to watching videos that are visually appealing and compelling to them. But videos are not just created in a blink of an eye, they go through a whole process of refinement before reaching us. Yes! And a perfectly edited and refined video can catch the interest of any eye that otherwise pays no attention to raw footages. That’s where the power of good video editing comes in! Let’s know some basics of what exactly video editing is through this valuable read.

What Is Video Editing?

Video editing is a complex and technical art of rearranging, adding and/or removing sections of some raw video clips and/or audio clips. Now how is that all complex? Because video editing just doesn’t stop there, it further involves applying color correction, filters, sound design, other enhancements, and much more to turn raw footages into videos that become visually appealing, engaging and compelling.

From subtle changes to significant alterations, it is a creative and artistic manipulation and rearrangement of raw video clips to bring out an end product that conveys a message appropriately, entertains, and inspires. It is generally regarded as one of the post-production processes, others including titling, color correction, sound mixing, etc. Thus, it is a crucial part of post-production process.

Now that you know what is video editing, let’s know about the roles of a video editor.

Roles Of A Video Editor

A video editor is someone who makes production and/or post-production changes to a film. Having the goal of telling a story in most effective and compelling manner, he works closely with the director to make best final product on industrial level.

From combining multiple clips, altering audio volumes, speeding up and slowing down footages, to applying color correction, lighting, removing backgrounds and much more, a video editor can make subtle but significant and meaningful edits to create masterpieces.

Although video editing was previously confined to the film industry alone but now, with the advancement in technology, even an individual with minimal video editing skills can produce professional-looking content easily using different editing software and tools.

Some primary and secondary roles associated with a video editor are;

Mainly, a video editor’s task heavily involves cutting and rearranging the scenes or clips. Besides these roles, there are some important features without which, a video editor is incomplete.

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Features & Techniques Of Video Editing

Whether you want to make some short video edits, YouTube videos, personal projects, or short-films, you would definitely need to know some right features and techniques to bring your visions alive. Here are some useful and important features that you must know before starting to edit.


From cropping, and  splitting, to trimming the parts of your clips, it involves all of it for you to achieve some desired sequence of events. Cutting helps you to remove unwanted scenes from your clips. In order to avoid de-synchronizing the rest of your edits later on, crop first thing to be on the safer part!


Transition allows you to add visual effects between clips to form smooth transitions from one scene to another.

Color Correction

For achieving the desired or balanced look of you final product, you must experiment with its brightness, saturation, hues, contrasts, and other such factors.

Sound Editing

Sound editing is the important feature that allows adding music, sound effects, adjusting volume levels, and applying effects to give your desired sound design and provide immersive experience for the viewers.

Adding Text

This involves the process of adding written texts over your clips. It is usually used to explain, inform, or serve as subtitles or transition markers.

Key Framing

This feature involves the precise adjustment of visual effects by using key frames to bring out the best visual experience.

Video Upscaling

If you’re not satisfied with your video quality and looking to upscale it, use this feature that allows to increase the resolution of your video by using AI video upscaling tools.

Speed & Slow Motion

This feature is usually used to change the pace and duration of the clips. If you want to add some dramatic or cinematic effects to your clips, you can use slow motion effect by slowing it down. This feature helps to emphasize certain specific moments, show more details or actions, and to create tensions or suspense.

Green Screen & Chroma

Basically, this feature allows to replace unwanted backgrounds of the clips with some other images or videos. It is usually used to create realistic or fantastical scenes by adding specific effects or changing the location or setting of your video.

Now that you’re familiar with all the necessary features of it, let’s know how to get started with creating a video editing project!

Steps To Create A Video Editing Project

To ensure that you start your steps on the right foot, here are some basic steps to begin with;

What’s next? The important tools for sure!

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Tools For Video Editing

While choosing a tool, you must look for one that aligns with your needs, budget and most importantly, one that you feel easy to use. Some basic and most popular tools that you can get your hands on are;

Common Careers To Follow For Video Editing

If you’re interested in video editing and looking forward to join it as a career, here are the three basic careers that you can pursue to achieve and utilize your desired skills;

Looking For A Video Editing Agency?

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